Saturday, August 15, 2009

Phase 1 Complete - New Pics and Measurements

Yesterday was hard for me.

It was the last day of Phase 1, which meant measurements and pictures. I was supposed to be excited, but instead, I was just plain annoyed. First, I couldn't find the tape measure. After 20 minutes of worthless searching, we came up with a few options: use thread from our sewing kit and then hold it up to our contractors tape measure, or use Nick's belt. Several failed attempts with the thread and we decided to go with the belt. This was another "fail" because it was inaccurate, not to mention that the metal loops were freezing against my skin. Ok I was totally PMSing, so yes, anything that went wrong was a target for my complaints. I also didn't have a scale handy. It was like anticipating your wedding day with bated breath, but then when the day actually comes, no groom is there to marry you.

I quickly made the decision to go P90X, poor man style.

I typically don't like to shop at Walmart, but with one located less than a mile from our house, it was a savior. Not only did they have new sports bras (3 for $10), but they had a tape measure for $1.19, cheap 5 lb weights, and the real key......a bathroom scale removed from it's packaging. I just weighed myself in the store instead buying it and adding the unnecessary 15 bucks to my bill.

My trip home put me in a better mood now that I had all of my tools. My actual measurements did not though. After 30 EXTREME days, I really thought I would bring my body fat down. Well folks, I did, but not by much.

Here are my new body measurements:

Weight: 119lbs
Chest: 33.5"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 33"
Right Thigh: 19"
Left Thigh: 19.25"
Right Arm: 9.25"
Left Arm: 9.5"

Body Fat: 25.05%

This is a drop of .45%

Here are my Phase 1 pics

I don't know what this last pose is. I think I was trying to show that my lats were getting muscles. Anyway, I think I am starting to show some improvement, but not as much as I would've hoped. I am kinda depressed about that. I thought my body fat would be around 22% or something. I suppose I need to do better with the diet. Plus, I seriously just have a wide torso. I mean look at that. It kinda looks insane. I look like a tomboy soccer player with no hips. I don't even like soccer.

I did get smaller in all of my measurements, (except my chest) so I guess that is a little win, but I'm not sure that I look any more buff. My biggest loss was in my hips. I went from over 34" down to 33" Here is a link to my day 1 stuff if you are just joining in the conversation now.

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  1. No worries. . .I'm on the "lean" program and gained half a lb in the first week. Usually new programs take about 6 weeks before you really see results and notice a change, so keep going!!