Saturday, August 8, 2009

Guest Blog: Nick weighs in...

Hi all. After one month of bringing it x-style, being very x, achieving x-like status, the program gives my x-ish wife a week-long break. (Do not mistake x-ish wife for ex-wife. They are very different things.)

So, I'm thinking ok, cool, she'll be able to relax, mend her sore muscles, not quote Tony Horton around the house, and maybe get the p90x workout/porn music out of her head. Sitting on my computer this morning, Marla Faye had just come back from a run, and she starts to clean up a little. She turns the TV on. I look over from our office and i see the big, terminator-inspired p90x logo with a gigantic set of abs right next to it. So, i say, umm... i, uh... thought it was break week. She smiles as if she's already told me about this (i am a husband after all, and much like every sitcom ever made about husband/wife combos, i have lapses about some things... all things... but I digress) and then says, I still have to do stuff, but I just don't have to do all the weight-lifting and pull-ups and stuff.

In my head, I think, "Tony Horton's a dick." I say to her, "Tony Horton's a dick." She just smiles again, presses play on the Yoga-X DVD, and starts yogi-ing it X-style. After an hour run too. Damn. X.

So, this X thing is intense. Tony Horton's intense. And a dick. But Marla Faye is kicking the crap out of it. Don't buy it when she says she can't do it. She loves it. She's addicted. She's X.


  1. I'm addicted to commenting. Love the guest blog - hi Nick!

    Fun story, I met someone whose wife worked with Tony Horton and said he's a tool. . .which you can kinda tell from the vids. I also think he thinks he's a comedian. fail!

  2. i was watching marla do p90x the other day while i was eating breakfast... then tony horton said, "i've got a tip for you." (then he pauses, letting you contemplate that what he's going to say may have a profound effect on your workout, and possibly your life.) then says: "this is extreme." i almost shit my pants i was laughing so hard. it was close. almost. marla fell over because i took her out of the extremeness. it was pretty funny.