Sunday, July 26, 2009

One Week Down

So I slacked a little on the blogging this weekend. I was trying to catch up on sleep and then we were in western PA on Sunday celebrating my father-in-law's birthday. Anyway, my most important accomplishment thus far is that I actually made it through one week of the program...and I started the whole thing over again on Saturday morning. (For Phase 1 of p90x, you do the same workout dvds for 7 days over the course of 3 weeks. Week 4 represents a recovery period as your body preps for Phase 2.)

Friday was a pretty easy Stretch X dvd, meaning that I wasn't doubled over in pain. You are still stretching for 60 min, which means that you are still working hard, just not with as much impact. I also went for a 40 minute run on Friday which felt good after getting my muscles loose.

If any of you are into running or cardio and are considering trying out p90x, I wouldn't quit just to use the dvds. I cut down my running days from 5 to 4 and alternate days now. Running has kept me thin, so I do owe it something and don't want to just give it up. But it didn't make me strong. That is what p90x is for.

I have to say that after only one week, I am definitely noticing results, not visually yet in the form of a six-pack, but in how I feel. My tummy is a lot tighter than it was last Saturday, and for me, that is a win.

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