Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day 4 - Yoga X

My alarm went off at 6 this morning. Nick snored through it. I finally got up at 6:35 and went downstairs for Yoga X. I didn't have that scared feeling in my stomach as I loaded the dvd into the player this time. I think it's because I have a past with Yoga.

In 2003, I got really into Power Yinyasa Yoga taught under the Barron Baptiste style. If you think yoga is for whimps, you should try this. As a student at Cleveland Yoga, I attended 2-3 classes a week in a heated studio that gets up into the 80 degree range when the class is full. You sweat like a bastard, but it is completely worth it. The heat allows your muscles to heat up so quickly that stretching truly becomes a joy. I did this consistently for about 1.5 years and really noticed a difference in my strength and mental toughness. Problem is that it costs $$$. If you have the money and time though, I highly recommend it.

So naturally today was going to be easy. right.

After almost 15 years of running, I've finally realized that running ruins your body. Yes Nick, I said it. I still want you to run regularly to get into shape, but I admit that it sucks. After years of pounding, I literally cannot straighten my legs or touch my toes. I am pathetic.

The yoga wasn't "hard" per say, but my soreness coupled with inflexibility didn't make it easy. The dvd is 1h 30min, so if you're getting ready to do this one, make sure you plan ahead of time. I was late to work.

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  1. Hey there! Lovely blog! Wanted to say, in case it will help...I switched my Yoga day w/ my Kenpo day. Yoga on a work day was stressful, but on a Saturday more like yoga should be relaxing & enjoyable...well, as much as Yoga X can be ;)

    - Hippie