Monday, September 7, 2009

Laboring on Labor Day

Today didn't really include any type of relaxation. Nick and I got up semi-early to do a deep clean of our family room. Twice last week I had large bugs crawl on me when I was laying on the couch. If you know me at all, you know how much I absolutely go nuts over bugs. We keep our house neat, but I guess this is what comes with a 70 year old structure when the seasons change.

This is my recovery week for Phase 2, but Nick and I did plenty of heavy lifting today. Not only did we move the couch, we shampooed the rug and furniture, sprayed the perimeter for bugs, shampooed the staircase, and cleaned the windows. As a result of the wet rug in my normal p90x workout area, I moved shop upstairs to our third bedroom. It's a nice and big room with two skylights, but it is hot as (insert expletive here.)

We attempted Kempo up there and I literally died.

Stay tuned for Phase 2 pics this Friday.

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